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ETH congestion might be too much, sometimes it can cost over $1,500 worth of ETH to do.
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Virtual Economy Starter Pack / NFT Factory
Art | Tickets | Photography | You Decide
Welcome to the Blockchain
Any NFT (ERC-721) enabled wallet works
One of the most powerful aspects of blockchain is that you can choose any wallet to store your digital assets on. Any Joe-schmow can create an app that can store art or tickets on, but it gets interesting when those assets can live and be transferred to any wallet created by others without the sources permission.
Minting Tool
Our Minting tool makes it easy to create a token on your own verified smart contract. You can set the token for sale and it will be ready to be bought or head over to OpenSea and it will appear in your items without having to do anything.
⛓ How it Works
Create a Store
A store is your own deployed smart contract verified automatically on etherscan (you can see all the code, and functions). This is a big difference to other platforms.
Mint Things on your Store
You can mint batches of things that can be anything; tickets, art, photography...
Sell/Interact with Things
Your Things can live on any wallet, VR, exchange, DeFi, or game. Once your thing sells, your ETH account will just go up.
🌈 Interoperability
Visit Mintbase HQ
Developer API
Mintbase's entire UI is driven by TheGraph on IPFS
Anything that can be done on our interface can be done with code too. We suggest deploying your store and going from there. When a user interacts with the blockchain, TheGraph registers the buy, transfer, burn, and mint events. Also with verified contracts, you can hit all the glorious ERC-721 functions as well.
Mintbase Fees
Only on a sale of your asset
Our only fee point is when you sell an item with a greater than zero price. For every item sold, we take a 2% fee that will help us grow and run our traditional infrastructure.
You can still mint and move your assets to OpenSea and sell them there without sending a wei to Mintbase. Our goal is to help you become more familiar with digital assets so taking as little as we can to get you started is best for all of us.
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